Our Services

Our main job is to design, organize, realize and control all activities needed to achieve customer expectations.
Strict collaboration between customer and our technical staff allow us to find out the right solution and the best path to plan the correct construction schedule.
In few words the right value for money. We are really proud about the confidence feeling between our customers and us, fundamental base for a good job.


First Contact

During these years our main self promotion way has been “word of mouth”. Our customers have seen us realiable and competent enough to suggest their friends our company as “a solution” for their restoration, changes or widening of existing structures activities. We are well considere as consultants and designers for new buildings too. Our new tecnologies knowledge and environmental attention make us an ideal partner for those who respect, as we respect, our world and belive in an intelligent and sustainable resources utilization.

Before starting we found useful in all projects to see the job location. In this way we can analyze and budget with accuracy the project costs and all related problems. We want to afford this activity (our analisys and budgeting are no cost) just to be sure that our quotation is correct and not expected costs are reduced to minimum. So we can affirm that “budget is the final cost!”.


Consultancy, Solutions

In tecto Techincal Staff is ready to suggest innovative solutions both for easy (such as bathroom, kitchen, esternal area, etc.) and complex projects (Plants, Malls, Shops layout, Offices layout, new houses with renders and 3D views that allows better projects understanding). So we can deliver personalized proposal with our customer satisfaction in our mind.

After design and decisional steps we define the ultimate budget, just to avoid, as long as possible, cost differences while works are in progress. Anyway, In tecto is always responsible on budget statements.


Works realization

Every activity is previously agreed and planned wit accuracy. The customer is released with a Project GANNT where the delivery date is well identified. We are really proud in saying that, a part of atmospherical events on external works, we always respect delivery date. Most of our activities are Turn Key Projects and we can start working in any working phase.

Unfinished constructions completions

Turn Key Housing Restructuring and rehabilitation

New houses design and realization

Wellness areas design and realization

External works and completion works, masonry or prefabricated ground pools

Historical and fine buildings restorations and conservative restorations

Primary and secondary infrastructure works

Business and commercial buildings Turn Key construction and restruction